Hey 👋

I'm Joey and I enjoy making things! Luckily, I found my way into the design world 🌍.

Currently a Product Designer at "Flatiron School". It's an honor to work in the education industry.

For most of my twenties, I've worked full-time as a solo music producer that founded and grew 2 LLCs in the entertainment industry. I have a bachelor's degree in Management and a Music Business Certificate (University of Georgia).

In 2021, I completed a 9-month certification in UX/UI Design with Springboard. I also did some fun work with an exciting start-up ("Stooty") that serves the creative economy, as well as other contract work here and there with companies like "Jebbit" and "JPMorgan Chase".

Located in Chicago, IL.

I linked my artist page on Spotify, in case you're into funk music 🎧.

Please feel free to connect!
What Else?

🌶 Hot sauce fanatic

🥁 Learned drums 17 years ago from an amazing teacher and I still love playing today

📽 I can nerd out with you on the latest movies, shows, or Super Smash Bros 

🎙 I don't love public speaking, but have lots of experience presenting to an audience

🌐 Designed 2 websites/brands and merch before jumping into UX/UI as a career
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